Portfolio Companies

Amatis Controls ( www.amatiscontrols.com)  designs and manufactures internet-connected devices that maximize building efficiency and performance.  Amatis build devices that power the Internet of Things- creating smart functionality for everyday objects: providing metering, monitoring and controls for energy systems, mechanical systems and lighting .

Nextek Power Systems (www.nextekpower.com) is a pioneer in direct current power networking solutions that enhance the flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of energy systems in buildings.  Nextek’s power, lighting and controls solutions are the optimal platform for the fast- growing LED lighting market.

SmarteBuilding LLC is commercializing a data collection and visualization software tool for monitoring building energy usage at high spatial and temporal resolution.

Space Charge LLC is completing its prototype of a ultracapacitor for high energy-density power storage, in collaboration with Centro de Investigacion Cientifica ( CICESE) in Ensenada, Mexico

Spear Point Energy LLC (www.spearpointenergy.com) is an independent power producer and developer of distributed solar projects for commercial and industrial customers, municipalities and utilities in key markets throughout the United States.  Spear Point finances, develops, builds, owns and operates solar power systems ranging in size from 100 kilowatts to 20 megawatts.

Aquanta Inc (https://aquanta.io/)   is bringing intelligent control to the water heating ecosystem. Their Aquanta smart water heater controller acts like a “Nest” for the water heater, providing low cost and easily retrofittable smart control of water heater energy usage as well as a platform for additional, enhanced control features like leak detection, behavioral energy efficiency management and utility demand response.